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Lise Andrey

Project Manager

At a very young age, when she wasn’t in the forest, it was in the river or the pool that Lise was. Growing up in nature, living the carefree period of the 90’s, she had no idea that one day she would be involved in a race for the survival of her environment.

“When I was little, I collected VHS movies about the animal world, and contemplated the landscapes and the fauna without asking myself any questions. I was simply filled with the desire to one day discover these parts of our planet for myself. Today, there is not a documentary on the subject that does not alarm me about the environmental crisis. A force pushes me to commit myself to the safeguarding of the environment so that one day my children can also dream of a magical world and enjoy it without being afraid that it will disappear.

Lively, passionate, and committed, she began her career in sales and marketing at the age of 20. Driven by her desire to travel, she took her backpack and began a one-year world tour. Having finally found her way, she applied to the foundation and here she is in 2021, ready to take on the challenges of the plastic problem in the oceans.

“It’s been a long journey, and I’ve learned to listen to that voice that has always taken me on rewarding adventures. I keep one foot on the ground thanks to my studies in business economics and one foot in the water thanks to the foundation’s projects that never cease to transport me!”

1990: Born in Switzerland

2010: Language stay in New York

2015-2016: Around the world

2020: Starts her bachelor’s degree at the Haute École de Gestion in Geneva

2021: Hired by the Race for Water Foundation

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