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Odyssey 23 October 2019

Race for Water, the world’s largest solar powered boat arrives in Hong Kong

The Race For Water vessel arrived in Hong Kong today for the 22nd stopover on the 5 year round the world Odyssey.

Representatives from WALLEM, arranged for the pilot vessel with a welcoming party on board for the final approach to Pier 9, at the Hong Kong Maritime Museum. The vessel will remain in Hong Kong until the 10th of November to host guests from title partner, Breguet and series of events including a press conference on Friday, afternoon, the Plastic Waste to Energy workshop next Wednesday as well as a number of school visits. Members of the public can also register to visit the vessel online. Please register HERE.

Currently on a 5-year Odyssey sailing around the globe, its mission is to raise awareness of the impact of marine plastic pollution and to propose local solutions to this global problem.

The 114-foot catamaran is a unique ambassador of energy transition, in demonstrating that it is capable of travelling the world solely using a combination of clean energy sources: solar power with the sun, wind power through a 40 square-metre towing kite, and hydrogen which gets converted into electricity. 

Thank you to our local partners

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Race for Water Foundation met with experts on the many issues surrounding the plastic crisis.

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