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The Beauty and Personal Care Industry
Fondation 27 April 2023

Toxic Bomb | Cosmetics

Toxic Bomb |  Cosmetics

Since its inception in the 1920s, the beauty and personal care industry has grown from a $60 million business in the United States to over $340 billion worldwide by 2020. It is after the first world war that the proliferation of cosmetic products began, responding to a need for personal hygiene more and more present in society. The glamour of Hollywood took over beauty standards, and the boom in cosmetics of all kinds continued to grow. We went from simple glass containers or simple bar soap to a complex assembly of materials. Although plastic is used for many purposes such as lightness and convenience, today some 120 billion units (all materials) are produced by the industry every year. This over-packaging as well as the plastic micro-particles used in some products have a huge cost on the environment and on our health.

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