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Webinar "Microfibers : Key facts and solutions of this invisible threat !"
Meet the experts

Webinar "Microfibers : Key facts and solutions of this invisible threat !"

On March 11th we organized a webinar with two plastic microfibers experts, Andrej KRZAN - Doctor, Chief Scientist and Co-Founder of Planet Care, and Mojca ZUPAN - CEO and Founder of Planet Care.

Following the success of our first webinar on the health impacts of plastic (link to the recording here), we decided to dedicate this second episode of our «Meet the experts» series to a massive source of marine plastic pollution and yet still quite unknown: synthetic microfibers. They are mainly released by the washing of our clothes from home and from the manufacturers.


Today, more than 60% of textiles are made from synthetic fibers, so to say plastic fibers.

On average, each average 6 kg load of laundry releases over 700,000 microplastic fibers into the wastewater. The lack of processing infrastructure sophisticated enough to stop them means that the majority, billions of microfibers each year, are released into rivers and then the Ocean. They thus represent the second source of microplastics in the Ocean. There are, however, effective ways to avoid this scourge. We invite you to discover them thanks to our experts of the moment.

On the webinar program:

  1. What science says about this invisible pollution and its consequences on the oceans and human health, presented by Andrej KRZAN
  2. Mojca ZUPAN’s entrepreneurial quest in her fight against microfibers in the oceans

Followed by a time of Q&A with the experts and our spectators.

To review the webinar:

To learn more about microfibers :

1. UNEP : Microplastics – Early Warning
2. University of Plymouth : Washing clothes releases thousands of microplastic particles into environment 
3. Research Gate : Microplastic pollution a threat to marine ecosystem and human health 
4. Current Environmental Health Reports volume :  Microplastics in Seafood and the Implications for Human Health
5. International Union for Conservative Nature : Primary microplastics in the oceans 
6. The Guardian : Clothes washing linked to pervasive plastic pollution in the arctic
7. National Geographic : Microplastics pollutions falls from air even mountains
8. Orbmedia : Invisible : the plastic inside us

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