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Camille Rollin

General Director of Race for Water Foundation

What you first notice about Camille is her radiant smile. Sparkling, this adopted Genevan boasts an infinite amount of motivation and unfailing determination for the conservation of the environment and the oceans. Educated at a renowned French business school, EDHEC, she has always held a deep-seated appreciation for the marine universe and for sailing: “During my studies, I was president of the Course Croisière EDHEC, the largest racer-cruiser event for students in Europe”.

Switching tack to the banking sector, where she worked for 8 years, Camille gradually felt the need to change environment. “I wanted to turn my focus to my deep-held beliefs, hook back up with nature and explore the world, so I went travelling for a year”. Back in Switzerland, the young lady had one goal: to work on preserving the oceans. In charge of the ACT program during the Odyssey 2017-2020, Camille was present at the stopovers, met the local protagonists and raised awareness amongst anyone ready to listen. “We’re in contact with situations where the plastic pollution is so catastrophic that my natural optimism takes a knock sometimes. However, I meet so many motivated characters with a desire to take action for the future that my hope is restored”.

In 2021, following the abrupt halt of the expedition caused by the Covid19 pandemic, she is appointed Executive Director and make every effort to enable the Foundation to continue its activities to identify and promote solutions against ocean plastic pollution.

A young, passionate woman spurred on by a good cause is a necessary cocktail in the bid to move mountains for the conservation of the oceans.

Camille in brief:

  • 23 January 1983: entered this world
  • 1991: Put in her first tacks in sailing
  • April 2012: First underwater dive, discovery of a new planet under the sea
  • 2015-2016: Round the world
  • March 2016: Signed up to the Race for Water Foundation
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