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The Race for Water Foundation

The Race for Water Foundation is an organisation dedicated to the preservation of water and the oceans. Today, seriously under threat from plastic pollution, it is imperative that we protect what is an essential resource for life.

Innovative solutions against plastic pollution

From the information gleaned during the 2015 odyssey, it is a statement of fact to say that “plastic islands” do not exist, so heading out to collect plastic waste at sea proves to be but a pipedream. Indeed, at the heart of the oceans languishes a soup of microplastics, which drifts about at the mercy of the oceanic gyres. What there is on the surface represents less than 1% of the plastics in the ocean. “We very quickly became aware that the solution was on land. Combined action is essential in preventing plastic waste from reaching the waterways and the oceans through the development of sustainable social and economic models that inspire its reduction, its collection, and its valorization. It is vital that we take action!” explains Marco Simeoni, President of the Race for Water Foundation.

schéma pollution plastique
of marine waste comprises plastics




For a legally binding international treaty against plastic pollution.


For a limited production and a sensible consumption of plastic


For a material that is healthy, reusable and easy to integrate in a true circular economy


For incentivized collecting systems, local and safe plastic waste management and repurposing infrastructures, funded by the entire plastic industry


Our Odysseys

To be on the ground, to understand and to find appropriate solutions!

Through our global expeditions, the Race for Water Odysseys, we explore the plastic pollution reality on the ground and understand its complexity at the international level. We also share with local people around the importance of the oceans, and mobilized many policy makers, the private sector and the civil society to reflect together on the dangers that plastics imply and the solutions to protect us and the environment.

A global situational analysis of the ocean plastic pollution

The objective of this expedition was to analyze the beaches of the islands located in the perimeter of the 5 oceanic gyres and beyond in order to make the first global assessment of the pollution of the oceans via plastics and to highlight the consequences on the populations. In a record time of less than 300 days thanks to a racing trimaran, the MOD70 Race for Water.
The findings are dramatic: plastic pollution is omnipresent, in frightening proportions and mainly in the form of micro or even nanoparticles reducing the chances of being able to clean the oceans one day. It is necessary to stop the hemorrhage and to attack the problem at the source, on land, by preventing the waste from reaching the oceans.

cartographie race for water odyssée 2015
  • 3 scientific publications
  • 17 stopovers
  • 32 000 miles covered across 5 oceans
  • 30 sampled beaches
  • 15 420 macro-waste collected
  • 192 250 microparticules collected

The odyssey of hope

This expedition was held aboard a revolutionary ship, a true demonstrator for the energy transition. Thanks to its mixed solar-hydrogen-kite propulsion system, we have travelled the world's oceans in energy autonomy and with zero emission for more than 3 years. This iconic ambassador ship has allowed us to host scientific missions, to denounce the scale of the plastic pollution disaster on ecosystems, while promoting pragmatic and relevant solutions to prevent plastic waste from reaching waterways. Each stopover was also an opportunity to investigate the local situation and meet key players in the fight against plastic pollution.

  • 4 years
  • 30 stopovers
  • 6 scientific programmes
  • 16200 people reached (schools, businesses, governments, NGOs, journalists and the general public)

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