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From the information gleaned during the 2015 odyssey, it is a statement of fact to say that “plastic islands” do not exist, so heading out to collect plastic waste at sea proves to be but a pipedream. Indeed, at the heart of the oceans languishes a soup of microplastics, which drifts about at the mercy of the oceanic gyres. What there is on the surface represents less than 1% of the plastics in the ocean. “We very quickly became aware that the solution was on land. Combined action is essential in preventing plastic waste from reaching the waterways and the oceans through the development of sustainable social and economic models that inspire its reduction and collection. It is vital that we take action!” explains Marco Simeoni, President of the Race for Water Foundation.

schéma pollution plastique
of marine waste comprises plastics

The Race for Water Foundation

The Race for Water Foundation is an organisation dedicated to the preservation of water and the oceans. Today, seriously under threat from plastic pollution, it is imperative that we protect what is an essential resource for life.


Acting to change production and consumption patterns by encouraging everyone to reduce their plastic waster and recycle more.

The fragility of the current recycling model hindersits development. Only 15 to 20% of plastic waste is currently collected for recycling. More than half of this wastecannot be recycled for health, safety, quality and contamination reasons. In addition, the high cost of recycling favours the use of virgin plastic.


While we wait for a feasible and environmentally-friendly circular economy to come into play, Race for Water presents a new model for plastic waste management, which, if deployed on a large scale, could prevent most plastic contamination in our oceans. As recycling is often impossible locally, and landfill an unacceptable solution, we propose using decentralised energy recovery units to transform plastic waste into energy, through a high-temperature pyrolysis process. These units, where possible, can be installed in containers, meaning they can be close to inhabited areas and allow local communities – even the most remote such as on islands – to become more self-sufficient in managing their waste and energy production. The income generated by the sale of electricity can be used to pay street collectors, or reduce waste management costs. This creation of value directly benefits local communities on an economic, social and environmental level, encouraging them to ensure no plastic waste contaminates their natural surroundings.

Our odysseys

To be on the ground, to understand and to find appropriate solutions!

A situational analysis of the pollution of the oceans.

The Race for Water Odyssey aboard a racing trimaran set sail on 15 March 2015 from Bordeaux in France.
This expedition was aimed at visiting the beaches on islands situated within the 5 gyres of waste.
Objective: to make an initial global analysis of the pollution of the oceans via plastics and underline the consequences of the latter on populations.

cartographie race for water odyssée 2015
  • 300 days
  • 17 stopovers
  • 32 000 miles covered across 5 oceans
  • 30 sampling ranges
  • 15 420 macro-waste collected
  • 192 250 microparticules collected

The odyssey of hope: plastics are The problem and The solution.

This latest 5-year expedition around the world demonstrates the existence of practical solutions for preserving the oceans. On the one hand, we’re demonstrating that if we take action on land, it is possible to curb the pollution of the oceans, rivers and lakes. On the other, we’re accelerating energy transition by demonstrating that a vessel powered by a mixture of solar-hydrogen-kite energies is capable of completing a remarkable 5-year odyssey around the world (2017-2021).

  • 5 years
  • 38 stopovers
  • “Act” projects underway “Value chain for converting Plastic waste into energy”
  • 10 scientific programmes
  • 50 000 children, decision-makers and government authorities expected aboard Race For Water
Our boat

Race for Water, an ambassador of energy transition, her only sources of energy being the sun, the wind and the ocean.

Tour of the vessel
5 crew members
of the work surface
100 tonnes
8 knots maximum speed
16 to 26 m
30 to 35 m


Race for Water is continuing its commitment and heading back out for a 5-year expedition around the world, at the service of science and energy transition.
320 sailing days
22 stopovers
27417 miles covered

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