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  2. 2017-2020 ODYSSEY
THE ODYSSEY 2017 - 2020


18 countries visited
30 stopovers
22 scientists aboard
6300 children welcomed aboard
9900 official guests (politicians, companies, NGOs, journalists, and general public)

This expedition was held onboard a revolutionary ship, a true demonstrator of the energy transition. Thanks to its mixed solar-hydrogen-kite propulsion system, for more than 3 years we’ve travelled the world’s oceans with energy autonomy without producing any Carbone emissions. This iconic ambassador ship has allowed us to host scientific missions and denounce the scale of the plastic pollution disaster on ecosystems while promoting pragmatic and relevant solutions to prevent plastic waste from reaching waterways. Each stopover was also an opportunity to investigate the local plastic pollution situation and meet key players in the fight against it.


Ideal for scientific expeditions, the Race for Water vessel was completely refitted in 2016 to offer optimal working conditions on board. 90 m2 dedicated to science, its stability, and energy autonomy, were perfect assets to accommodate teams of five to seven researchers, specialists in the study of the impacts of plastic pollution on the oceans. During the 2017-2020 odyssey, 7 missions were carried out to help advance scientific knowledge on Ocean Plastic Pollution.

Our boat

Race for Water, an ambassador for the energy transition, her only sources of energy being the sun, the wind and the ocean.

Tour of the vessel
5 crew members
of the work surface
100 tonnes
8 knots maximum speed
16 to 26 m
30 to 35 m


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