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Alert decision-makers, raise awareness among the public & educate the young generations

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6300 scholars onboard
16621 officials guests

Education is the starting point on a journey towards commitment and individual responsibility. One of our major roles is to raise awareness about the importance of the ocean. To achieve this, we’ve rolled out several formats.

Our Odysseys

When navigating the world, we want our stopovers to be moments of meetings and exchange.

Through travelling exhibitions, documentaries, public interventions and media outreach, we mobilize the general public and opinion leaders on the extreme urgency of preserving the oceans, while encouraging them to take action. 

Aware that younger generations are key to initiating long-term changes, the Foundation has also been able to welcome several thousands of children on board its ships, to discover its innovations and exchange with the crew on the issues the Ocean is facing. 

The first two Odysseys (2015 and 2017-2020) were mainly focused on the complex topic of plastic pollution. 

Testimony from Juan Alberto Wu, President of L+1, a network of social entrepreneurs committed to promoting sustainable development in Peru: 

“Race for Water’s time with us in Peru has inspired us to seek solutions to the problems that are part of our everyday lives today. Peruvians are privileged to live on diverse land that boasts an abundance of resources. That’s why we need to act with a greater sense of responsibility. Race for Water is a role model…The Foundation’s teams have shown us that living sustainably by combining technology and the resources naturally provided by the planet can be very much a reality. Today, we have the tools at our disposal, it’s down to us to put them to good use.”

Public interventions

Attracting the attention of policymakers and industry is critical to changing mindsets, regulations, and manufacturing methods toward ocean conservation. We regularly participate in major international conferences.

Do not hesitate to contact us for a Race for Water intervention in your company.   

conference pollution plastique


The Race for Water Foundation went to meet experts to speak about the many issues of the plastic crisis. We know nowadays that plastic is not only a pollution problem. It also affects multiple aspects of our society that deserve to be known to the general public and should be seriously considered by our political and industrial leaders. 

So, to share this sharp and valuable knowledge, we decided to produce short series with episodes that address topics such as health risks of plastic packaging, chemicals in plastic, current recycling issues, alternatives to plastics, and social and environmental justice. 

Each series concludes with an episode on possible solutions to these many challenges. To become an expert, let yourself be guided by scientists and specialists recognized in their fields. 

Raising awareness among the young generation

Through the educational kit developed by the Foundation, we’re encouraging the young generations to take concrete action for water and ocean conservation. Our educational program has been applied in Swiss and French schools, and internationally during our odysseys, to raise awareness on a broader scale. 

The treated subjects reveal the consequences of plastic waste in the oceans and on marine flora and fauna. These interactions also help teachers and students to become aware of the plastic waste decomposition time and encourage them to get involved in the fight against plastic pollution. 

enfants sensibilisation pollution plastique


The motivations of our media man Peter Charaf are to witness, share our findings, and promote the projects and people who fight for our oceans that we met during our expeditions.

reportage pollution plastique enfants

Travelling exhibitions

Our traveling exhibitions present powerful images taken during our Odysseys, demonstrating the scale of the plastic catastrophe and its real impact on local populations.

Opposite image: Photography exhibition “Préservons nos oceans” (Let’s preserve our oceans) Quai Wilson, Geneva, 2017.  

campagne pollution plastique

We were there

The foundation has a worldwide influence and has been invited to participate in important international events, to present its LEARN, SHARE, ACT programs. For example, the Forum des 100, Zermat Summit, UNEP (United Nations Environmental Program), La Mer XXL exhibition and many others.

Our missions were also broadcast in the press and in several radio and TV shows. During the 2017-2020 Odyssey, our ecological transition ambassador boat was followed by Télé matin with the broadcast of several episodes, which you can watch by clicking on this link.

In 2019 Race for Water welcomed Hugo Clement (activist) and his film crew for the France Télévision show “Sur le Front” to show them behind the scenes of a plactic village in Indonesia.