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Marina Rollman


Franco-Swiss comedian Marina Rollman was born in 1988. Gaining public renown as a columnist, she now graces all fronts: theatre stages across France and French-speaking Switzerland, radio via France Inter and also Swiss-based radio stations Première and Couleur 3, television via Canal + and the Web of course.

Unpretentious, this fan of American literature peels off a humour that is the very image of her: scathing at times but never arrogant, very in tune with current preoccupations, the whole thing is coated in a friendly nonchalance.

At a point where a whole new generation of female comedians is emerging, opting for black, ironic and gentle humour, she has managed to find a niche for herself that is recognisable, among other things, by her ‘roguish’ voice.

Her outspokenness perfectly embraces this new wave of comedians brought up on American-style Stand-Up, which isn’t afraid to have a dig without disguising herself or playing a character, her only weapon a pen and a microphone.

Marina Rollman is also part of a generation which is concerned and worried about the challenges related to the future of our planet. However, not one to preach, she readily admits to her numerous inconsistencies and contradictions, particularly in terms of ecology, opting to use it as a source of inspiration for her shows and her columns.

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