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Atsuko Quirk


ATSUKO QUIRK, documentary filmmaker, environmental advocate, and Media Director at CafeteriaCulture.org (CafCu), a non-profit environmental organization, is a 21st generation Samurai family member from northern Japan, living in New York City. Her documentary, « It’s Everybody’s Ocean, » won Best Documentary Short at NYC International Film Festival (2014), as well as 2 additional festival awards. It has been shown in film festivals in ten cities around the world.

Her short documentary, “SCHOOL LUNCH IN JAPAN – It’s not just about eating” (2010) has over 23 million views on YouTube. Atsuko teaches videography, production, storytelling and leadership to underserved New York City youth through Cafeteria Culture’s ARTS+MEDIA for Climate Action, zero waste and plastic-free school programs. She is bringing Japanese style student leadership to public school cafeterias in NYC and beyond.  Her latest co-directed film, “Microplastic Madness” is about plastic pollution told by 5th grades from Red Hook, Brooklyn, New York City, a public housing community in a frontline of climate change (http://www.cafeteriaculture.org/microplastic-madness.html).