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Indonesia - Act 1
18 eighteenth stopover
182 student welcomed onboard
247 official guests

Bali - Indonesia

Race for Water made a long stopover in Indonesia where the boat of the eponymous Foundation stayed for two months. Bali (city of Benoa) at first. Jakarta in a second.

Workshop in Bali

Key decision makers in Bali were invited to participate in the ACT workshop “Plastic Waste to Energy”.

Representatives from the Bali Provincial Government’s Environment Agency, PT PLN, major electricity providers and a large number of NGOs and waste and recycling service providers attended the ACT workshop on Thursday aboard the Foundation’s ambassador vessel, Race for Water.

The workshop, which brought together Bali’s most influential people – those who can make a difference – was led by Foundation President Marco Simeoni and ACT Program Manager Camille Rollin. Local authorities explained that within five months of the ban on plastic bags, straws and expanded polystyrene foam, plastic bag sales had decreased by 20%.

The issues raised and discussed ranged from current waste management systems to initiatives developed by NGOs and the importance of establishing a decentralized plastic waste management system.

Seseh Beach Clean at the Woah Festival organised by the Green School

Members of the Race for Water crew joined Green School’s SOAP™ (Student Ocean Ambassadors Program™) organised fun family day on Saturday, June 8th at Seseh Beach in Bali.  The event was aimed to raise awareness of how we can help clean our Oceans.

Hope for a Bali free of waste

In the middle of the tropical forest in the commune of Ubud inBali, the Green School, founded by John and Linda Hardy in 2008, has been conceived based on the notion of sustainable development both in its construction and its school curriculum.Its aim: to educate and empower the future generations to preserve the environment.

Thanks to our local partners