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Suat Topsu

Advisory board

“Understanding the Present, Imagining the future and Making it real… This is my Passion.”

Einstein has said “Imagination is more important than Knowledge”.
Imagination is for Knowledge what oil is for cars, the primordial element to go further beyond the frontiers boundaries and to discover new horizons.

I am a Scientist, a Strategist, a Professor of Physics, and a Researcher in Quantum Physics & Engineering specializing in the applications of the Optical Atomic Clock, Lasers, the General Theory of Relativity, Nanotechnology and more recently in Optical Wireless Telecommunication.

After a Ph.D. (University of Compiegne and Conservatoire des Arts et Metiers, FRANCE) and a postdoctoral fellowship (Versailles, France), I’ve been recruited at the University of Versailles as a “Maitre de Conférences” (Lecturer) to work at the Versailles Research Center. I obtained the “These d’Etat”, the highest scientific recognition in France in 2006 and a Position of Professor in 2008. At Versailles, my research projects dealt with the new generation of atomic clocks, nanotechnology for cancer therapy and optical wireless Communications or LiFi.

I started to work on LiFi technology in 2005. In 2008, in collaboration with a French car manufacturer we developed the first car headlamp in the world that can send data to other cars or to infrastructure over 50 meters even during a sunny day. In 2010, I participated to in the standardization of the LiFi communication thru through the IEEE 802 committee. I am still a member of this international committee and continue to contribute to the improvement of the standard.

In 2012, I founded OLEDCOMM in order to transform this technology into a product and bring it to the world. Today, Oledcomm is recognized by the international scientific community as the leading company on LiFi technology.

Titles and activities

  • Professor at the Paris-Saclay University
  • Président President SATT IDF Innov
  • Co-inventor of LIFI technology
  • Scientist, academic, and researcher in the field of Quantum Physics