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Foundation 1 April 2024

Documentary ‘Plastics: a collective suicide?

In March 2024, a number of initiatives were put in place to raise public awareness of the plastic pollution crisis, notably around the poignant documentary ‘Plastics: collective suicide?’ directed by Peter Charaf. This film continues to leave its mark on people's minds and provoke important discussions on the dangers of plastic for our planet and our health. Here are three key events in March.

Selected for

202 Festival du Film Vert

We are very proud to announce that ‘Plastique : un suicide collectif?’ has been selected for the Festival du Film Vert 2024. This festival, which takes place in French-speaking Switzerland and neighbouring France, showcases films that are committed to environmental issues. Peter Charaf‘s documentary is an in-depth exploration of the devastating impact of plastic pollution. Through a wealth of eyewitness accounts and images gathered during its 2 worldwide Odysseys and 12 years of investigation into plastic pollution, the film highlights some of the consequences of plastic pollution that are still little known to the general public. In particular, the impact of the chemicals used in the manufacture of plastic, which threaten our health and that of our environment.

Translated with DeepL.com (free version)

During the festival, several screenings are planned in March and April. Some of these screenings will be followed by debates, giving the public the opportunity to discuss the issues raised by the film and explore possible solutions. We urge you to book your tickets for these important screenings. For more information, visit the festival website.

Press coverage

Article in the RTN newspaper

Since 2015, Peter Charaf has devoted his energy and talent to raising global awareness of the plastic pollution crisis. As a mediaman for the Race for Water Foundation, he has travelled the world’s oceans, capturing poignant images and producing hard-hitting short films. His latest documentary, ‘Plastique : un suicide collectif ?’, explores the hidden face of plastic pollution, revealing the risks to our health associated with exposure to the chemicals contained in our food packaging.

The article in the RTN newspaper highlights the work of Peter Charaf and the crucial importance of this documentary. It highlights the lack of rigorous testing of many plastics, even those used in the food industry, and the resulting dangers for consumers. Read the RTN inteview with Peter Charaf.


Meeting in Montoire-sur-le-Loir

A special screening of ‘Plastique : un suicide collectif ?’ took place in Montoire-sur-le-Loir, followed by a meeting with Camille Rollin, Race for Water. The event was a unique opportunity to talk directly to experts involved in the fight against plastic pollution.

The screening in Montoire-sur-le-Loir brought the local community together around this crucial issue. The discussions that followed highlighted the scale of the problem and what can be done about it. This film, based on numerous testimonies and images collected by the Race for Water Foundation, is a call to action to prevent the human race from sleepwalking towards a precipice.

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