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Basile Prime


H² + O = H²O

I’m originally from Concarneau, Brittany, where I spent the vast majority of my childhood. At weekends, I went to the Glénan Islands with my parents on their yacht. That’s probably what shaped me into a good sailor.

In my youth, I was always attracted by the toys with little engines or electronics… At the time, given the choice, I was more into “Technical Lego”!

After that it was simple, it had to be a mix of electronics and the sea and here you have the Basile Prime you see in front of you!

I’ve had the opportunity to work in several offshore racing stables and ended up in 2011 working in the office managed by Jean-Marc Normant. He called me up in 2017 to join the Race for Water teams, which I immediately agreed to!

The best places to find me are in the swimming pool, because I play water polo, the sea on a windsurfer or on Race for Water where I work to protect the oceans!