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François Martin


I love the boat, and the technology! For me, Race for Water, which is propelled without the use of fossil fuels, is truly an interesting catamaran. Apart from the ambassador vessel of the energy transition, I was very drawn to the Foundation with its three programmes Learn, Share, Act. I have become increasingly committed to environmental causes in recent years. They are of utmost importance if we want to leave a better world for our children, or even a world at all!

François MARTIN, captain of Race for Water

“I grew up on the Guérande Peninsula.I did a lot of 420 dinghy sailing.; and then, aged 20, I went off to Réunion. I was a sailing instructor and trainer for the sailing league.
I did a few Tour de France à la Voile. I bought a 35-foot old ferro-cement boat in 2001 and sailed around Madagascar and in the Indian Ocean.
I returned to France in 2004, to a different life. I was a second captain, a chief engineer and then, a captain on private yachts: classic yachts, luxury sailing yachts, maxi yachts and tall ships in the Mediterranean.
In 2009, I went back to Réunion to train the league team.
In 2011, I started a sailing trip company with an Outremer 43 catamaran in Réunion.
From 2014 to 2019, in parallel with this activity, I have been spending six months of the year as captain of the Sea Shepherd USA research vessel”.