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Race for Water angels

Stéphane Mayor

President of the Race for Water Angels committee

Stéphane Mayor, 51, Administrator of MayBa.ch SA and Valimed SA,

“I prefer to live as an optimist and be wrong, than to live as a pessimist with the only satisfaction of having been right”  Milan Kundera

“A friend of Marco Simeoni, we very often share ideas about the Race for Water Foundation. Having always sailed, every time I go out on the water I see plastic and more plastic. It felt important to me to follow in Marco’s wake and do my bit to do something for our planet. “Alone we go faster, together we go further”.

I’m very proud to be a part of this fantastic team and I hope with all my heart that we’ll very soon be able to bring together as many Race for Water Angels as possible and offer them a thrilling ride. In this way, we can talk about plastic pollution and the solutions for eradicating it, which is something the Race for Water Foundation is committed to publicising among the widest possible audience.

I’m really counting on you all to help us.”

Help us to preserve the oceans!
Your donations are essential to perpetuate our awareness-raising actions and the deployment of solutions against plastic pollution of the oceans.