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Odyssey 24 February 2020

Ishigaki, here we are !

After 17 days at sea, Race for Water has just moored at the pontoon in Ishigaki, an island located at the extreme south of Japan and north-west of Taiwan.

The odyssey is now continuing in the land of the Rising Sun with a programme of around fifteen stopovers in Japan between February and August 2020, culminating in a stopover in Miura, near Tokyo, at the time of the Olympic Games.

The crew – composed of François Martin, captain, Annabelle Boudinot, chief mate, Basile Prime, engineer, Anne Le Chantoux, sailor and Christelle Brigeot-Mathieu, steward – successfully completed all the required formalities with the local authorities, (thanks to the support of our local customs agency, Super Yacht Logistics) and met with representatives of our local partners: Mr Peathey of the ZERI Foundation and Mr Takeuchi de Saraya.

Copyright : Christelle Brigeot-Mathieu et Philippe Peathey



Thank you to our local partners


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