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Race for Water ventures into new horizons
Foundation 1 March 2021

A new shipowner for the Race for Water vessel

The year 2020 was a real «tsunami» for the Race for Water Odyssey 2017-21. Indeed, health restrictions due to the Covid pandemic19 stopped most of the foundation’s field activities and impacted its finances.

In this extraordinary context, the foundation sought solutions.

Today, Marco Simeoni is pleased to announce the continuation of the odyssey in a new form while preserving the values and visions for a responsible and sustainable world. Indeed, the Swiss association «Porrima», under the leadership of Professor Gunter Pauli, has become the new owner of the ship. «Porrima» will also be the name of the ship, which is inspired by the Roman goddess of the future, the protector of pregnant women.

Marco and Gunter agree that it is necessary to transform society. Our production and consumption cannot continue like this and new models – including business models – are needed. The Race for Water Foundation is continuing its fight against the pollution of the oceans by plastics and at the same time it will contribute to the development of the «Porrima» projects, which is embarking on a strong strategy to accelerate the implementation of renewable energies such as solar, Powerkite technologies and hydrogen mobility already initiated by Race for Water, while adding biomimetics to clean the oceans’ nanoparticles and many new technologies to its portfolio.

To confirm the consistency of the boat’s mission, in March 2021, Marco and Gunter jointly published an updated version of their book «PLASTIC SOLUTIONS», which brings together a set of concrete steps that have been developed and tested thanks to this collaboration between science and entrepreneurs.

Marco Simeoni “During these 4 years, this incredible vessel has allowed us to be ashore on the ground, and to travel the seas, and to take concrete action against plastic pollution of the oceans. This Odyssey is an essential mission at the focus of our concerns. Today, I am honoured to hand over this unique vessel to Porrima and its partners so that this fabulous time machine can continue its journey to raise awareness, demonstrate and inspire. I would also like to thank all the staff within the Foundation for the fabulous work they have accomplished. THANK YOU.”

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