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Stopovers 5 April 2019

Welcoming of the Minister of Foreign Affairs

The Race for Water crew were honoured to have the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Vanuatu, Mr Ralph Regenevanu on board speaking at the press conference on Thursday. Vanuatu has taken major measures to ban plastic, including a total ban on single-use plastic bags which has been in place since 2018.

“I think it is a really great thing that Race for Water is doing to try and raise awareness of these issues and also propose solutions. And show that it does work. And I think just by Race for Water coming to Vanuatu at this critical time, when we are as a government trying to propose these quite heavy or quite radical bans on items that people have started to get used to, it helps the government and it shows that this is not just something that a few local politicians are thinking of, it’s actually a real serious critical world issue that has caused Race for Water to come all the way from Europe and go around the world and come to Vanuatu to tell us that what we are doing is… we are on the right track, so it is very helpful for us.”

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