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Stopovers 25 June 2019

Workshop "Plastic waste to energy"

As at each stopover of the odyssey, a workshop "Plastic Waste to Energy" " was held today in Jakarta, in the presence of the Indonesian Minister for Maritime Affairs.

The Coordinating Ministry for Maritime Affairs and Resources of the Republic of Indonesia joined the ACT programme work shop on board the Foundation’s ambassador vessel, Race for Water today in Jakarta, to give a broad overview of the current situation of waste and in particular plastics affecting the country deemed the second most polluted in the world. 

The workshop, which gathered a number of institutions including representatives from the World Bank, the AFD, Jakarta University, the French Embassy, waste management associations, private and public entities working with waste and recycling, was aimed at bringing together a cross section of people to facilitate collaborations. 

ACT programme leader Camille Rollin led the talks during the workshop with Deputy Captain, Annabelle Boudinot. Ridha Yasser, Ph.D., Deputy Director for Development of Science & Technology for Maritime New & Renewable Energy Applications gave a presentation outlining some of the measures Indonesia has put in place in the attempt to reach the pledge they have made to reduce marine waste by 70% by 2025.

#BeatPlasticPollution #WeAct

Thank you to our local partner : The Swiss Embassy in Indonesia

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