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Plastic Health Summit 2021
Foundation 9 December 2021

One Health


On October 21, the second “Plastic and Health” summit was held in Amsterdam. Organized by the Plastic Soup Foundation in collaboration with the Plastic Health Coalition, the central concept was “ONE PLANET, ONE HEALTH”.

The Race for Water Foundation was present at this event and has written a report on the different programs presented during the summit. You will also find links to the videos of the presentations.

Maria Westerbos, founder and director of the Plastic Soup Foundation, opened the summit with these words: Is plastic making us sick? This is a question that was already asked two years ago at the first summit. In recent years, more and more scientific evidence has shown that plastic is not only endangering our health, but also that of our children and the future of humanity. We have less than ten years to solve this plastic crisis, otherwise it will be too late. Climate change, biodiversity loss and a global pandemic are threatening us all. Despite this, large corporations continue to deplete the earth’s resources by putting profit before common sense. The plastics crisis is a direct result of this nonsense.
Maria calls on the World Health Organization to consider the plastic crisis as a public health crisis. The UN must also address the massive production of plastic as a violation of our human rights.

Report by Race for Water - Plastic Health Summit 2021
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