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"Reality Check" campaign
Foundation 11 December 2023

'Reality Check" campaign

The Race for Water Foundation launched the "Reality Check" campaign, a hard-hitting initiative that aims to highlight the majestic beauty of the oceans while exposing a scourge that threatens their delicate balance.

The campaign uses a combination of attractive visual content and hard-hitting figures to raise public awareness of the urgent need to preserve the oceans and inform people about the devastating impacts that threaten them.

Spotlighting the beauty of the ocean

“Reality Check” begins by celebrating the splendour of the oceans through captivating visuals. Dazzling images of colourful coral reefs, fascinating sea creatures and vast expanses of sparkling water capture the viewer’s attention. The campaign aims to immerse the public in the magnificence of the oceans, reminding them of their importance as vital ecosystems for life on Earth.

Hard-hitting figures: an assessment of the situation

However, this visual celebration is abruptly interrupted by hard-hitting, factual figures, constituting a veritable “Reality Check”. Attractive visual content is associated with alarming statistics, such as the increasing number of tonnes of plastic dumped in the oceans every year, the alarming rate at which coral reefs are disappearing, or the growing threat of overfishing that is depleting marine resources.

For example, an image of a sea turtle swimming in crystal-clear waters could be accompanied by a figure indicating the shocking number of turtles killed each year as a result of plastic pollution. This impactful approach aims to elicit an emotional response, raising public awareness of the urgent reality facing our oceans.

Explaining the problem: raising awareness and taking action

Each figure is followed by a detailed explanation of the underlying problem. The Reality Check campaign is committed to informing the public about the devastating impacts of plastic pollution, disappearing coral reefs, overfishing and other threats to the oceans. These stories highlight the interconnectedness of marine ecosystems with the overall health of the planet, encouraging a deeper understanding of the issues.

The ultimate aim of the campaign is to raise public awareness of the crucial importance of preserving the oceans and to encourage people to take action. The messages encourage people to adopt more sustainable behaviour in their daily lives, to support conservation initiatives, and to demand political and industrial changes to protect our oceans.

A call to action to save the ocean

The Race for Water Foundation’s “Reality Check” is much more than just an awareness-raising campaign. It’s a wake-up call, an invitation to examine our collective conscience about how our actions are affecting the oceans. By associating the beauty of the oceans with hard-hitting figures, the campaign aims to provoke an emotional reaction that can be transformed into concrete action. Because beyond the sometimes hard-to-accept reality, there is a vibrant call to save our oceans for future generations.

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