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Arrival at Apia
Samoa Islands
Stopovers 24 November 2018

Samoa, Samoa, 8-day stopover!

Having set sail from Tahiti on 9 November, the Race for Water Foundation’s ambassador vessel has just tied up in the port of Apia, the capital city of the Samoan Islands, for an eight-day stopover – the 12th of this latest odyssey.

Anne Le Chantoux, sailor, describes the last fortnight spent at sea: “The journey from Papeete was calm and very hot! Temperatures reached 40° on some days. Weather conditions were excellent with wind enabling us to optimise use of the kite and sunshine to charge our batteries.  The kite meant we were two days ahead of our initial schedule, but in reality it was only one day as we switched time zone meaning we were 24 hours ahead! As such, we went from Tuesday 20 to Wednesday 21 in the space of a minute. It upset more than one of us aboard I can tell you… especially with regards to the household tasks! As a result, we’re missing a day from 2018: Wednesday 21 November! Fortunately there weren’t any birthdays to celebrate that day!?”

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Thank you to our local partners: Samoa Imports & Logistics and 25 SPREP

Back in pictures on the last sailing hours and arrival at Apia:


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