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Heading for 2021
Foundation 22 December 2020

Wishes for 2021

2020 has been extraordinary year for all. Billions of people found themselves living at the pace of an unprecedented health crisis leading to real changes in their daily lives.

For the Race for Water Foundation, the virus has caused great upheaval in the pursuit of our odyssey and we have been forced to put a pause to or even cancel numerous events as well as our the major stopovers for the year including China and Japan and in particular, the Olympic Games. It has been a real heartbreak for the shore and sea teams of Race for Water who were stopped dead in their tracks in this global odyssey to preserve the oceans from the scourge of plastic pollution. 
This fight is not over!
More than ever, we must continue to raise awareness and take action in the face of this environmental disaster, which is constantly growing, all the more so with the increase in single-use products in these times of global pandemic.
We thank you all for your support in these difficult times.
We wish you a beautiful and happy 2021, full of hope and positive energy. 
Take care of yourself and your loved ones.
The Race for Water Team


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