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Become Race for Water Angels

Win this race with us, sign up!

A Race for Water Angel is a natural person or legal entity who:

• provides essential financial support to carry out the Foundation’s projects.

• volunteers to organise events, notably those enabling the collection of funds designed to implement the Foundation’s projects.

• markets products in the Foundation’s colours.

• commits to broadening the Foundation’s reputation.

We need you!

Sign up to:

• Join a family of committed philanthropists keen to safeguard the future of our planet.

• Get up close and personal with the Race for Water Odyssey expedition as well as the actions undertaken by the Foundation worldwide.

• Benefit from Race for Water stamped products and gain special access to the Foundation’s teams.

Together, let’s protect our planet’s most precious resource: water! 



Help us to preserve the oceans!
Your donations are essential to perpetuate our awareness-raising actions and the deployment of solutions against plastic pollution of the oceans.