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Erwan Lohezic

Second in command

Why Race for Water? Because it makes sense, unfortunately! I owe it to my children to try to stop this destructive spiral that makes life on earth today more and more precarious. Certainly, I leave my family, but I think that they understand, that I am daring to live the life for which I am destined, and that when Dad returns, he is happy (it is not selfishness!) I think my kids are quite proud of my attitude and actions. As my 7-year-old son tells me, “Dad, you’re going off to save the planet? I think that’s motivation enough for me…

I discovered sailing when I was 14 at the Carnac yacht club, sailing on a Dart on a Saturday morning! I have always been drawn to the ocean, the sea in which I loved (and still love) to swim; but I did not have access as much as I wanted since I did not live in Armor but in Argoat! Nevertheless, I was able to do some sailing courses…

Then came the time for military service – for me a conscientious objection – where I was able to pass my dinghy and sailing instructor diplomas. I had a real revelation during my first navigations on cruising sailboats within the association in which I carried out this conscientious objection… When I left there, I set off on a transatlantic crossing. Once this journey was over, I was convinced that my life would revolve around the ocean.

I graduated, I turned professional… For me, to evolve on the ocean is to develop a noble relationship with nature, a sense of fantastic freedom where it is impossible to hide, where deception does not exist, well, so I believe…