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Campaign "Ocean Alert"
Foundation 22 April 2024

Campaign : "Ocean Alert"

In a world where the oceans are facing unprecedented challenges, we are launching our new campaign: ‘Ocean Alert’. The aim of this initiative is to inform the public about international issues relating to the protection of the oceans, by sharing recent news to raise awareness and encourage action.

International issues in the spotlight

As part of our ‘Ocean Alert’ campaign, we share key news relating to ocean protection, highlighting the challenges facing the world’s oceans. These recent news items offer an insight into current issues and encourage reflection on the actions that need to be taken to preserve our oceans.

Examples of news

News items shared as part of our campaign include:

  • ‘Norwegian parliament approves controversial deep-sea mining’: The decision has sparked intense debate about the environmental impact of deep-sea mining, highlighting the challenges of sustainable management of marine resources.
  • ‘EU adopts new law banning greenwashing and misleading product information’: This measure aims to increase the transparency and reliability of information provided to consumers, thus contributing to more responsible consumption and the protection of marine ecosystems.
  • ‘A start-up in Greenland begins shipping glacier ice to cocktail bars in the United Arab Emirates’: This initiative raises questions about the exploitation of natural resources and the consequences for the environment, highlighting the challenges linked to global trade and the conservation of polar areas.

A call to action

The ‘Ocean Alert’ campaign doesn’t just inform, it inspires action. Each news item shared invites the public to think about the consequences of their actions and to get involved in initiatives to preserve the oceans. Whether by supporting environmental legislation, making responsible consumer choices or taking part in awareness-raising initiatives, everyone can help save our oceans.


The ‘Ocean Alert’ campaign reminds us that protecting the oceans is an urgent global issue. By sharing recent and relevant news, we aim to raise public awareness of the challenges facing the oceans and inspire concrete action to preserve them. Together, by staying informed and engaged, we can work towards a future where the Ocean, for the benefit of all life on Earth, is protected.

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