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Ocean at risk: key figures’ campaign
Foundation 12 June 2024

Ocean at risk: key figures’ campaign

In a world where preserving the oceans has become an absolute priority, we are proud to launch our new campaign: ‘Ocean in peril: key figures’. This initiative aims to highlight the devastating impact of global warming on our precious marine ecosystems, based on scientific data sourced from qualified organisations.

A presentation of the source data

For this campaign, we have selected key figures from reliable sources such as the IPCC, NASA, UNEP and NOAA to illustrate the urgency of the situation:

  • Since the beginning of the 20th century, the average sea level has risen by around 20 centimetres (IPCC 2019).
  • Between 1979 and 2020, the Arctic ice pack shrank by an average of 13.1% per decade (NSIDC, NASA).
  • 90% of the additional warming caused by human activities over the last 50 years has been absorbed by the ocean (NOAA).
  • 30% of coral reefs are in decline due to bleaching caused by warmer water (UNEP).
  • The Greenland ice sheet is losing 260 tonnes of ice a year (NASA).

An impactful approach

The ‘Ocean in Peril: key figures’ campaign takes a visual and factual approach to raising public awareness of the crisis facing our oceans. Each figure is accompanied by a detailed explanation of its significance and implications, highlighting the scale of the challenges we face.

A call to action

Beyond simply raising awareness, our ultimate aim is to encourage action. We urge the public to become aware of the urgency of the situation and to take action to preserve the oceans. Whether by adopting more sustainable behaviours in their daily lives, supporting conservation initiatives or calling for political and industrial change, everyone can help save our oceans for future generations.


The ‘Ocean in peril: key figures’ campaign is much more than just a set of data. It is a call to action, a cry of alarm in the face of the imminent crisis threatening our oceans. Together, based on indisputable scientific facts, we can change the course of events and ensure a better future for our planet and for generations to come.

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