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Workshop Plastic Waste to Energy
Stopovers 30 October 2019

Workshop Plastic Waste to Energy

30 people gathered on board Race for Water in Hong Kong today to participate in the act workshop to discuss plastic pollution and solutions to stop the chronic issues facing our planet.

 Representatives from the government, different private sector companies, specialist environmental institutions, as well as influencers and NGOs active in the field of plastics.

Doug Woodring Founder of Ocean Recovery Alliance presented his analysis of the complexity of the plastic pollution crisis, which he considers one “One of the most complicated issues of our time”.

Mr. WY Wong, Senior Environmental Protection Officer of the Environmental Protection Department, presented the pilot project that Hong Kong is about to launch. For two years a free collection of household plastic waste will be set up in three districts (Eastern, Kwun Tong and Sha Tin) in order to recycle plastic locally into pellets or directly into finished products.

Marco Simeoni and Camille Rollin proceeded to present ETIA’s Biogreen technology, supported by the Race for Water Foundation, to encourage the collection of plastic waste to then transform it into electricity. This solution aims to treat complicated waste as locally as possible. The vast majority of plastics currently in circulation are not recyclable for health, environmental or economic reasons. Biogreen therefore makes it possible to support the necessary transition that industry must make towards a truly circular economy.

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