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Odyssey 15 November 2019

General refit for Race for Water!

Race for Water left central Hong Kong and Pier 9 for the Yiu Liang Shipyard, located on the island of Tzing Yi, five km west of Hong Kong... The vessel is in maintenance before reaching China and Japan in 2020! 🌟

“When we arrived at the site, the setting was radically different: from the ultra-modern city and its skyscrapers, we moved on to a dilapidated industrial area, bordering on the unsafe with more rats than workers,” said the captain Jean-Marc Normant, before continuing:

“So we are beginning an important phase for our boat Race for Water. Indeed, every two years, we have to apply a fresh coat of underwater paint and carry out different periodic checks such as inspecting the propeller shafts, ensure the smooth operation of the rudders, check the general condition of our heat exchangers; these are radiators that are in contact with the sea and which allow us to cool our electrical systems.

After working in collaboration with the locals, we are back in the water on the 18thof November, in Deep Water bay on the south Hong Kong island. Here again, a radical change of scenery! This bay is surrounded by rocky cliffs, some sophisticated buildings reveal to us that the surrounding neighbourhoods are chic and popular. We are well protected from the wind and the swell in this bay.

Our partner Plastic Omnium’s team has just arrived and is working on our fabulous “Fuel cell” installation, resulting in a few updates for this promising prototype.

The maintenance workload is quite demanding for the crew, but we are putting all our energy into it and moving forward in different areas.”


Copyright photos : Margaux Chalas

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