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Stopovers 26 July 2019

Jakarta : A conference at the Ministry of Transport

While the ambassador vessel of the Foundation is in “technical stopover” mode, the team is working hard and continues to raise awareness about plastic pollution. Today, Annabelle Boudinot, second in command, Basile Prime, engineer and Margaux Chalas, steward and reporter, went to the Ministry of Transport for a conference attended by almost 400 officer cadets from all over Indonesia…

Annabelle Boudinot : ” 400 officer cadets are waiting for us at the marine officer cadet school in Jakarta. To hear us, some have come from all the islands of Indonesia, such as the distant Sulawesi for example, to listen to us. The room is impressive, and the organisation is meticulous. We sit in the front row with Basile, and a traditional dance begins.

Then the Assembly stands, we do not understand initially why, as what follows is explained in Indonesian. Solemnly, everyone starts to sing, it is the national anthem! 
Then, the presenter calls me, it is my turn. After presenting the Foundation, its history and its missions, I pass the microphone over to Basil for him to present the boat. I end the presentation on the 5R’s.

The audience listened to us attentively and many questions were asked at the end.
After this the school presented us with a painting signed by the heads of the schools as well as several people from different ministries. The signatories undertake to actively fight against plastic pollution. Hylmi, my contact at the Ministry of Transport tells me that in Indonesia, symbolism is very important, and the act of signing this painting is a real proof of commitment.
A photo shoot follows, Margaux who has joined us in the meantime, Basile and I have cramps from smiling into the telephones and cameras of all the students!
This conference has been a lovely cultural shift for us! I am very happy that the Indonesians have organised it for I am certain that it is an excellent way for them to make the message we carry their own!”

Text : Annabelle Boudinot
Pictures : Margaux Chalas

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