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Stopovers 8 March 2019

It is time for maintenance!

Following a start to the stopover in New Caledonia, which included a scientific mission, over 1,500 guests hosted on board including 530 school children, the catamaran Race for Water is having a technical break.

The maintenance tasks to be completed include: “Cleaning the teak but also the many holds, touching up the paint here and there and a complete overhaul of the safety equipment,” said the Captain, Pascal Morizot.

Another important goal is to leave New Caledonia with a hydrogen monitoring system to improve efficiency for the remainder of the odyssey.

Basile Prime, engineer: “That is why our partner, Plastic Omnium have sent their team to join us in Port-Moselle for two main missions.
The first is the monitoring of all the systems related to hydrogen management (solenoid valves, connectors, filters, H2 sensor, etc…). These checks are to be carried out every year to ensure the proper functioning and maintenance of the system.
The second mission for the hydrogen teams involves a modification of the purified water production system (used for the production of hydrogen). Currently, some of this water is not being fully utilised in our electrolysers. The idea is to set up a feedback system to use all the available pure water.”

If much attention is given to the boat, a little fairy also ensures the comfort of the team and manages the logistical aspects. Her name is Margaux Chalas and she is in charge of the stewardship on board: “It is a bit of a mad rush with different issues to manage. This happens at every stopover 🙂 and can involve anything from topping up the gas, dealing with suppliers and caterers for upcoming partner evening events, ensuring food and technical supplies for the boat, helping out my colleagues when they need it, managing general stewardship and administration schedules. Christèle, with whom I work in close collaboration, will be coming soon to take over; it is essential that everything is in place before her arrival and that we can do what we call a handover before I head back to France.”

Twenty days remain to prepare for the next stage of the Odyssey before a last week of visits on board and departure for Vanuatu on March the 26th.

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