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Live from the R4W 20 November 2018

We’re a stickler for safety!

The captain, Jean-Marc Normant, regularly organises exercises with a view to maintaining the crew’s vigilance and know-how in the event of technical or human problems. On this latest delivery trip between Tahiti and the Samoan Islands, there has been a succession of simulations: leak, man overboard as well as heart massage, recovery position, etc.
Rehearsing the actions and gestures on a regular basis and knowing how to implement them in a wise and composed manner at the right time is essential when you live in a confined space in the middle of the oceans, often a long way from the coast.

A session to revise emergency medical knowledge:
On the programme, all the actions to save a life in the event of a medical emergency: recovery position, heart massage and artificial respiration, diagnostics, etc.

Man overboard exercise with a fender taking the place of a sailor in the water: 
Peter Charaf, mediaman: “A nice little refresher course for our reflex actions regarding this crucial manoeuvre. Recovery time: 10 minutes!”

Simulation of a leak in the forward section of the port float Peter Charaf:

“The exercise is simulated by Jean-Marc, who sets off a sensor from the float, the alarm sounding on the bridge.
Anne-Laure, second in command, passes on the information to the crew from the bridge. Everyone is equipped with a VHF so they can communicate with one another. Martin, the engineer, is the first to go down into the flow to take hold of the piping, which will be used to drain the water supposedly flooding into the boat. Anne-Laure, Anne the sailor aboard the boat, and Christelle in charge of logistics get out the piping, which is stowed in the starboard float. Anne goes down into the port float to assist Martin. Christelle and Anne-Laure take out the power-driven pump and attach the piping. They then get the other end of the piping down into the beam of the starboard float, where Anne takes hold of it to pass it to Martin who carries it into the forward section of the float. Up top, the power-driven pump is started up and the exercise is complete”.


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