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Saturday the 24th and Sunday the 25th of August
Ouchy celebrates its lake
Agenda - Foundation 14 August 2019

Ouchy celebrates its lake

This unique festival was conceived and organised by several local associations and yacht clubs. “This popular festival aims to promote lake activities and, at the same time, celebrate Lake Geneva”,said Ouchy’s trustee, Christophe Andreae. The Race for Water Foundation, whose headquarters are in Lausanne, a stone’s throw from the Ouchy district, could only support such an event; we will be present during these two days to report on the disaster, the scourge that plastic pollution of oceans represents today.

Many activities will be offered on the waterfront and on the water throughout the weekend: lake demonstrations, boat launches by Neptune, games and sailor’s knots, introduction to sailing and motorboating, summer curling, ergometer races etc…

As well as these activities, awareness-raising actions on how to protect Lake Geneva and presentation of evidence on plastics in the oceans will be offered to the public.

Music and delicacies will also be part of a great evening dance party on Saturday the 24th. And you can treat your taste buds on Sunday the 25thwith a giant brunch to be held on the street, between the exit of the m2 Ouchy-Olympic and the end of the Avenue de la Harpe, which will be fully pedestrianised and will host 50 metres of stands that will offer local food and drinks… For all budgets and in all weathers!



For more information, download the event brochure.

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