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Foundation 24 January 2019

PLANAIR, partner to the Race for Water Foundation

Since its creation in 1985, Planair* has specialised in energy efficiency, the use of renewable energies, the planning of CVSE technical facilities (heating-ventilation-sanitary (plumbing)-electricity), and regional energy management. The company’s research activities enable Planair’s engineers to draw up sustainable, pragmatic and innovative solutions for the benefit of the environment.

As such, it was natural for the Race for Water Foundation and Planair to come together when the former began to envisage a machine capable of converting used plastic waste, a genuine worldwide scourge, into energy. They face various challenges including that of finding out how to integrate the electric energy produced by the plastic recovery unit, Biogreen, into existing electric networks. In this way, Planair’s engineers are providing Race for Water with the necessary responses to enable them to offer a comprehensive solution.

François Bauer, CEO of PLANAIR: “Planair is proud to become a partner to the Race for Water Foundation and bring its skills to the fore in the domain of energy for realising its projects. The foundation is convincing local protagonists to take action whilst providing them with innovative solutions to do just that. This contribution to a better environment through human action and the use of new technologies is very much in line with Planair’s activities.”

Marco Simeoni, President of the Race for Water Foundation: “We’re incredibly lucky to be able to work on a daily basis with experts like the engineers from Planair. It is absolutely imperative that we offer a high quality global solution that encompasses the implementation of the machine through to its operation and the delivery of the electricity produced to local households. As such, collaboration with Planair on this matter is essential. A big thank you to the teams who are already working alongside us and with whom we share the same values with regards to the preservation of our environment.”

For further information about Planair : www.planair.ch

*PLANAIR groups together nearly 100 associates, including engineering consultants involved in energies and environment spread across 8 offices in French-speaking Switzerland and France.

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