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Stopovers 6 November 2019

Dive into hell..

While the rocky coasts are magnificent, the seabed is a little neglected and looks like it could be in hell... says the Race for Water Captain, JM Normant, who accompanied Harry, a passionate diver, who is committed to protecting the oceans by fighting against ghost nets and underwater landfills.

Testimony of the captain of Race for Water

“We had the opportunity to meet Harry, a passionate diver who took the aim of raising awareness and acting as much as possible regarding ghost nets abandoned underwater.

Ghost nets are fishing nets lost or simply abandoned at sea by fishermen; these traps remain active and continue to kill, fish; crabs; lobsters; dolphins and turtles. In addition to this disastrous impact on marine life, these nets, made of plastic, PP, PA, PE, represent thousands of tons of plastic rejected at sea and contaminating the marine environment.

In some parts of the globe, the most developed the fishing industry tries to reduce this impact by recovering these nets to store on land. It is insufficient.

So I had the opportunity to see the effect of these abandoned nets, Harry led us to a bay where there are many of his ghosts assassins.

Visibility during our dive was extremely small, sometimes nil, not only were  there abandoned fishing nets , appalling traps, destroying life insatiably, but also an incredible amount of plastic of all kinds.

The island of Lamma is located in the northeast wind, sweeping the neighboring island of Hong Kong, plastics, projected into the sea are captured by the bay in which we dove today. As if it were useful to add pollution to this nightmare, the farms in this bay use industrial food to feed their captive fish, completely unconscious,the operators reject the plastic bags of 20 kg used for the packaging of these foods directly to the sea … The bottom is stuffed, suffocating all life.

When we came up an 1h30 later, the landscape was very different, people diving from their yacht within 300 m, the rocky coast was very beautiful.

HELL is so close!”

I had a special feeling, deeply marked by what I just saw, how to share? How to raise awareness? Doing nothing is making us guilty. 

This very short text is not enough. We must continue our actions, especially not to give up !

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