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Webinar : Plastic pollution : Let's fight it by law
Meet the experts
Foundation 7 July 2021

Webinar : Plastic pollution : Let's fight it by law !

The third episode of our “Meet the experts” webinar series, took place on July 1st with a key theme in this complex issue: “Plastic pollution: Let’s fight it by law!”

The experts

David AZOULAY, Managing Attorney of the Geneva office, Director of  the Environmental Health Program at CIEL

Dominic CHARLES, Director of finance and transparency at The Minderoo Foundation

Sian SUTHERLAND, Co-fonder of  A Plastic Planet

Webinar #3

You may not realize it yet, but a lot is currently going on at the United Nations level regarding the future of plastic. 

An international treaty on plastic pollution is currently being discussed between member states and other stakeholders such as representatives of civil society organizations and of the plastic Industry. Some nice steps were also crossed in 2020 in the EU with the European Plastics Pact. And after it failed to pass under the Trump Administration, the US Break Free from Plastic ACT is getting good momentum following the election of Joe Biden. In many regions of the world, our plastic addiction is being debated at the legislative level and this is great news. 

We therefore thought it was a good timing to get an overview on the current plastic pollution legislation framework, reflect on the aspects of the problematic which require the most urgent laws, and show how some organizations do work to obtain regulations changes. 

Overview and update on international and key regional regulations
"CIEL" Presentation
Key findings from “The Plastic waste makers index” Presentation
"Minderoo Foundation" Presentation
Key findings from “The Plastic waste makers index” report
Plastic Waste Makers Index
Lobbying for legislation and industry change
"A Plastic Planet" Presentation
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