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A rhythmical reception with We Ce Ca
Stopovers 3 February 2019

Into the rhythm in Port Moselle!

Race for Water and her crew (Annabelle Boudinot, second in command - Anne Le Chantoux, sailor - Margaux Chalas, steward - Basile Prime, engineer - Pascal Morizot, Captain) has just moored in Port Moselle (Nouméa), with a rousing welcome from a large crowd and the We Ce Ca group.

“A big thank you to everyone for being here, despite the squalls! A fantastic welcome!”

For the next two weeks, the crew will focus on the scientific mission taking place in Prony Bay from 6 to 15 February, in partnership with the ADEME, the Province Sud and the Agence Calédonienne de l’Energie, before returning to Port Moselle, where they will then remain until 26 March.


Listen to and watch the footage of the traditional welcome reserved for Race for Water by the We Ce Ca group:


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