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Meet the expert
Foundation 30 March 2022

New video series

Meet the expert - Jane Muncke, Director, Food Packaging Forum

Race for Water was pleased to conduct an interview with Dr. Jane Muncke, Director and Scientific Expert at Food Packaging Forum.
As part of our “Meet the Expert” video series, Jane shares her scientific knowledge about the world of plastics and chemicals.

Episode #1 Plastic’s components

Episode #2 – Plastic in Food Packaging

Episode #3 – Regulations

Episode #4 – A Green Future?

Episode #5 – Urgent need for systemic changes

Meet the - David Azoulay, Director of health and environmental programme, Center for International Environmental Law

Race for Water is pleased to share a series of videos from an interview recorded in November 2021 with CIEL’s Health and Environment Program Director, David Azoulay. These few videos address the plastic crisis through the spectrum of social and environmental justice.

Episode #1 – A international plastics treaty

Episode #2 – Gaz Industry

Episode #3 – Impacts of plastics

Episode #4 – Chemicals

Episode #5 – Governance

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