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New Certification for Plastic Free Products
Foundation 5 October 2022

Plastic Free

Control Union is re-launching the “Plastic Free” certification. This certification gives brands the opportunity to make a commitment against plastic pollution and to allow their customers to identify materials, products and/or packaging as free from conventional plastics. Race for Water was pleased to bring its expertise to Control Union and The Plastic Free Certification Benefit Company in the development of this new label. 

“Transparency on the composition of materials, packaging and products is a key element to help consumers and companies make enlightened choices regarding their impacts on the environment. This new standard provides the guarantee of the absence of conventional plastic which are made from fossil fuel, and which imply alarming level of contamination to human health and the environment during its production, use, and end of life. Hopefully this new standard will motivate our society to go even further to put in place new production and consumption patterns free from single use products and free from toxic chemicals. As it is the case in nature, zero waste production of any kind should be a common goal. Any materials, packaging, products should always be designed to remain in the loop harmlessly!” Camille Rollin, Director of the Race for Water Foundation 

Find the official communication about the launch here

As a company, if you wish to certify your products or receive more information on certification, please visit this website

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