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Foundation 8 February 2019

See and understand Biogreen

Though our LEARN (scientific mission) and SHARE (awareness raising) programmes are being rolled out through the Race for Water Odyssey, right now in New Caledonia, the Foundation has not lost sight of the development of the ACT element. 
Indeed, more convinced than ever that the solution for eradicating the scourge that is plastic is to be found on land, it has welcomed a Rapa Nui delegation to the C.N.P.P in Vernon where the Biogreen pilot unit is located.

It was on 5 September 2018, that the municipality of Rapa Nui and the Race for Water Foundation signed a draft agreement about a process to implement the Biogreen solution by 2020. The latter enables plastic waste to be converted into energy, via pyrolysis, and it is developed in collaboration with our partner ETIA.

In Vernon, near Paris, a Rapa Nui delegation made up of around fifteen or so people made the journey from the most remote Chilean Island in the world, to visit the pilot unit within the CNPP, a reference international protagonist in terms of risk prevention and control on both an environmental and professional level. 

This industrial site, which accommodates the BIOGREEN unit with the utmost safety, is making a 1,000m2 plot available to us, thus enabling the installation of the machine in conditions akin to the actual situations in the various areas likely to host the device in the future, including Easter Island.

Gearing up for an installation in 2020, it was therefore essential for the Rapa Nui delegation to get a grasp of the entire installation in situ as well as exchange ideas with the engineers at  ETIA – Olivier Lepez and Bastien Médrinal –  as well as Marco Simeoni, CEO of Race for Water,  in a bid to understand how the BIOGREEN device works whilst it’s right in front of them.


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