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Live from the R4W 20 May 2019

Little hands

While Race for Water’s odometer, the device counting the miles covered since the first navigation of the solar boat (PlanetSolar + Race for Water) reads 80,000 miles – that is 148,160 kilometres or 3,7 circumnavigations of the globe by the Equator – Race for Water continues its journey towards Indonesia under the sun and with fair winds allowing the kite to be deployed. A peak speed of 10 knots was achieved at the end of the week! “A wonderful sensation, the boat seems more at ease” said Jean-Marc Normant.

Second captain Anne-Laure Duff pays tribute at the beginning of the week to the work of all Foundation’s teams…

Anne-Laure: “To get an odyssey such as Race for Water up and running, requires a good dose of audacity, a dash of aspiration and dedicated and talented hands.

Behind each mile covered, there are hands working tirelessly rising to the challenge to ensure the success of this adventure.

There are the shore-hands. These are discreet, often out of shot of the television cameras and radio microphones. They are like foraging bees, they go from flower to flower, not sparing any efforts for the good of the hive. They are gentle, attentive and reactive. They anticipate, explore, solve problems, count and organise. They have multiple talents and are a little like magicians. They are an invaluable support for us the sea-hands. For they are our link with land, and without them, we would be orphans.

Then there are the sea-hands. Some of them are roughened, strong, damaged, others are more feminine, but they are all solid. They pull, grasp and get worn out. They understand without the need for words the needs of the boat. Some prefer to be centre-stage, others prefer the anonymity of the holds. Discreet or talkative, they fear neither the sun nor the salt. Against all odds, they take the helm, they are the finest tools, seasoned and unwavering.

This odyssey is an orchestra. Each pair of hands is a musician. Each musician plays his or her part. Sometimes, there are false notes, but who has never made a mistake?

Each hand is invaluable and is nothing without the others.

To all hands, little or big, dainty or broad, sea-hands or shore-hands. Here is to us!


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